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Yin Yang Health Balls

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A set of oriental stress balls with a chime inside

The price is for a pair of stress balls

The use of Chinese exercise balls is based on the theory of jing luo (merdians) and xue (acupuncture points). Two or more balls are placed in the palm and manipulated by the hand and fingers. As the balls are rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise by the finger movements vital acupuncture points in the hand are stimulated.

Exercising with Chinese health balls is intended to restore energy and blood flow to the brain, muscle and bones and as a result improve overall health.  According to Chinese medicine the ten fingers are connected to the cranial nerve and the body's vital organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder, and stomach).

Traditional Chinese exercise balls date back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Sounding plates are housed inside a paired set of metal exercise balls creating chime sounds when they are handled.

One sounds high representing 'yin' and the other sounds low representing 'yang.

The Basic Philosophy of Yin Yang

The two forces of the universe, yin is a cooling and passive force and yang is an active force of energy. In Feng Shui, the yin yang meaning and symbols represent the belief that everything in the universe consists of two opposing yet complementary forces. Everything in it, is both constant and cyclical. One force dominates and then it is replaced by the opposing force. This activity continues constantly and repeats itself over time. Some examples include -

Heaven and earth
Night and day
Dark and light
Cycle of the seasons

The Yin Yang Symbol This is also known as the Tai Chi symbol and consists of a circle equally divided into black and white sections by a reverse S-like shape. Within the black section is a small circle of white. Within the white section is a small circle of black. They each have their own meaning. The Outer Circle represents everything in the universe and the universe itself. It encompasses the duality of everything that exists.

The Black black area represents yin with the following characteristics: Feminine, Passive, Intuitive, Moon, Dark, Cold, Submission, Downward seeking, Downward movement, Night, Soft, Stillness.

The White area represents yang with the following characteristics: Male, Active, Logical, Enlightenment, Bright, Sun, Light, Creation, Dominance, Upward movement, Strong, Hot, Expanding, Hard, Movement.

The black and white areas together represent the interaction of the energies found in all things. They illustrate the cyclical nature of yin and yang and all that it represents. The small black and white circles located in the areas of their opposite colours, show that nothing is absolute. In each of the opposing forces there is a small part of the other. In all yin there is yang and in all yang there is yin. Nothing in the universe, is simple like black or white. Each exists in the other and each needs the other to exist.

The S-like shapes of the two areas divide the two halves. The line is soft with flowing curves rather than harsh straight lines. Both sides depend on each other in their never ending cycle.

Each stress ball is approx 5cm across
Packaging is 6cm tall by 10.5cm across


Good for de-stressing

bought these for myself and my husband. good product and they come in a lovely little box. they help to de-stress and with any arm/shoulder problems. great service. would definitely recommend and buy from again. 30/03/2014 17:25
Rachel, Blackburn

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