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Love Stones

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Love Stones in a velvet pouch

A pair of natural gemstone hearts.

The gemstones used to make these love stones have been specifically chosen for their alleged properties before being hand carved and polished to create perfect hearts. Carry them with you as love charms or use for meditation.

Rose Quartz
Works with the heart chakra enhancing the emotions, it will soothe and nurture them to bring an unlimited perspective of love. Any fears of using your heart or showing others your love are alleviated with this romantic stone. Usually translucent, may be transparent. 

Nephrite Jade
Works with the heart chakra so combines well with Rose Quartz to promote giving and accepting of love. It enables the holder to open ones heart and receive new energies making them more aware of their strengths and how to use them in new ways. Nephrite Jade can have creamy pigments. 

As crystals occur naturally, both stones may have natural veins, pigments, striations or other markings.


gemstone crystal heart

lovely to hold in the palm of your hand when meditating, to create a self calming energy. 29/10/2012 21:25 Michelle Webster
Michelle, Preston, Lancashire

gemstone crystal heart

the stone is smooth and tactile. 23/09/2012 13:42
Jo Davenport, Preston, Lancashire

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